Solar energy

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Solar Energy

WPM Green Energy is partnering with SunPort Power Corp. Ltd. - the one & only manufacturer of MWT modules on GW scale in the world, which has annual capacity of 1.8GW for cell and 1.8GW for module.

High Yield

- More power being produced per square meter than conventional panels.

- Flash testing shows the power output of SPP Benchmark® 295W panels sit between 295W and 299W, so you might actually get more watts than you've paid for.

- Come with track records proving its high efficiency in outdoors MW solar plant.

Enhanced Performance: Resistance to Heat, Corrosion, Harsh Weather

- Unique semiconductor planar packaging technology to reduce package loss.

- Abandon the traditional high-temperature welding process, effectively avoid the welding stress and the micro-crack.

- Triple IEC standard test.

Superior Warranty: 30-year Performance Warranty

- Guarantee that the first year of degradation is within 2%, the power generation ensures that more than 80% after 30 years.

- Adopted the "conductive foil line" and metal foil, so that the module back sheet greatly reduced by the water permeability and improve the resistance and reliability of the modules.

Attractive Design: Highly Recognizable, Anti-Fake

- Differentiation from conventional modules obviously, more stylish appearance.

- The only large-scale module in the market without main grid , higher recognition.

Solar panels


Sunport's best-selling modules with booming performance and reliability, reducing BOS and LCOE costs. MWT Classic is designed by Sunport in the most advanced labs in Australia and China. This affordable innovation is designated to maximize the return on your investment.

Best Choice for Flexible Layout and System Design

MWT Classic modules provide 20W more STC rated power compared with industrial average level. It increase added value to your PV system by allowing higher energy production per square meter, especially when you have a space-limited rooftop. Our 1500V modules allows longer strings, less cables and hence decreases the quantity of combiner boxes, inverters and other components.

Three Times More than the Industry Standards

Triple IEC Standard tests create an extreme environment for solar modules and draw a higher demand on the modules’ tolerance to harsh conditions. Thus the tests are a difficult challenge to pass. Our MWT modules have not only passed but also got a good score with an average 3% degradation only.

All Products Series Re-Insured by LLOYD'S

Backed by diverse global capital and excellent financial ratings, Lloyd’s is our financial partner and together we secure your benefits. Lloyd’s performed an all-around due diligence audit on the factory facilities, products durability and financial healthiness, which proves Sunport’s ability to be your long-term partner in PV industry.


The latest product based on flexible technology and back contact design- known as SPP Flex1.0 is a major leap-forward in high efficiency MWT back contact products. Flex 1.0 series, a flexible module integrated with MWT Back Contact technology. This product is a combination and optimization of thin film and silicon modules. It’s lighter, thinner, as flexible as any flexible products. What’s more, the module efficiency is the same as any mono crystalline silicon modules.


MWT All-Black series provides you a stylish solution that improves both efficiency and aesthetics. Powerful! Elegant! Robust! That's our answer to home solar.


MWT Dual Glass series has all-weather adaptability, excellent sealing protects the module from condensation, vapor, ammonia or methane, acids and bases, as well as fats, oils and solvents.

Lower Power Degradation and More Yield

MWT Dual Glass has a low power degradation of only 0.5% annually and reaches to 83% at the 30th year. The frameless design also greatly reduces PID effect.

Designed for Harsh Environment

MWT Dual Glass can be applied in high humidity zone, agriculture/fishing and solar integrated projects, high salt and fog area and dry-heat desert environment.



Home solar system can make better use of your rooftop, apart from higher yield, MWT module is also a kind of outdoor decoration.

1. Solar Module

2. Inverter

3. Output meter

4. Two-way meter

5. Surplus electricity for sale

6. Partially self consumption


More Connection points

Small System capacity

Simple Grid Connection Process

Higher FIT rate/ subsidy rate

Higher return on investment

Commercial/ Industrial

ROI can reach to 12%~18% with high output MWT modules for large C&I rooftop.

1. MWT Solar Module

2. Combiner Box

3. Inverter

4. Solar photovoltaic power generation system monitoring

5. Transformer

6. RMU (ring main unit)

7. Plant’s Electricity

8. Power Grid


Save Electricity Bill

Good Heat Insulation Effect

Excellent Investment Benefits

Energy Saving and Emission Reduction


Utility-Scale project is the one which generates solar power and feeds it into the grid, supplying a utility with energy. Virtually every utility-scale solar facility has a power purchase Agreement (PPA) with a utility, guaranteeing a market for its energy for a fixed term. We offer 30 years power warranty to guarantee the project revenue. With better heat-dissipation, higher reliability of the special structure and lower temperature coefficient, it can generate more power under the same condition, so as to reach higher ROI and IRR to the project owners and developers.