Electric Car Chargers

Mango - the IoT Smart Wall Outlet

The loT smart outlet (called "Mango") was developed to enable compatibility and replacement with existing 220V standard two-socket outlets, and the power reception capacity of the apartment or common building can be used as it is. In addition, unlike the existing electric vehicle charging support socket-outlets, it does not require a separate communication modem and thus eliminates the burden of telecommunication and electricity usage and various user convenience functions are implemented by embedding the Mango Module, which enables consumers to communicate with their smartphones. It supports Mango application's automatic search and sync function, charging reservation, and charging system, and provides a security system through a separate control function and self-encrypting technology to provide a charging outlet for anyone to use safely and conveniently.

HOST - a Charger Owner

• Anyone can be a host

Can be hosted by anyone who owns the charger, such as the public, the manager, and the owner of the building.

An optimal charger that enables multiple electric vehicles to use a single charger.

Support for easy membership and charger registration through management solutions and Mango apps.

• Any charger is available

Supports all models, such as fast / slow / outlet, and provides protocol for each charger manufacturer.

• Free enablement features

Charging costs can be set weekly, daily, and hourly, fully autonomous in charging cost setting, freely share charger according to the host's preference, and set charger sharing time zone.

• Exchangeable Mango Coin

Integrated points that can be used in various ways such as compatibility with third-party points Mango coin, convertible to gift certificates, cash after earning a certain amount.

• Host = Guest

Hosts can use the same Mango service as the guest charger users do.

USER or GUEST - a Charger User

• Anyone can be a user

Anyone who rides an electric car can download, sign up and use the app immediately.

• Easy to use

Search the location of the charger and go straight to use.

• Reservation function

Pre-booking function allows you to use the charger without waiting.

• Share chargers with neighbors

ZERO conflicts on using time and charging cost of public building's chargers (apartment, etc.).

• Easy payment method

You can buy the required Mango points through the app, select the cheap charger and charge it, and also use the credit card with a transportation card function.

Mango's Major Features

Smartphone with BLE 4.0 or higher module available

Most smartphones released after 2014 are available.

Mango point payment system

30,000 points will be provided when purchasing as the first member.

Instant payment system

Can be used immediately after downloading Mango application without separate membership process, can use credit card application of smart phone or various mobile payment solution.

Unauthorized use prevention function (patent)

After charging for more than a certain time (about 10 minutes, setting possible), the power supply is interrupted and refunded when the plug is removed. It prevents other people from operating and using when charging after the verification.