Energy Storage

Energy Storage

Savebox has inputs for charging directly from the mains, from the electric generator (power station), from photovoltaic panels, and it can also be charged with wind turbine power. Common appliances can be connected to the outlet. Savebox devices are available with capacity from 6 kWh up to 200 kWh. Savebox is a solution for those who want to approach the electricity consumption in a responsible and intelligent way. You can imagine Savebox units as devices composed of many batteries (and other components such as charger etc.) which fulfill the function of a hybrid system.

We use unique LiFePo4 batteries equipped with our electronics and operating system. The standard daily process makes more than 6 000 cycles, which is 16 years, if we count one charging cycle per day! Their primary function is to store energy which comes from photovoltaic panels, wind or water turbine, a generator, or the national grid. Or any combination of these.

Savebox Home

Savebox Home is all-in-one energy storage and power management device. Savebox HOME is a single phase energy storage and power management device consisting of a powerful LiFePO4 battery pack, control system, safety and communication electronics, DC/AC inverter/charger and PV charger. The device is primarily designed for domestic use.

Savebox Extender

Savebox Extender is simply a set of batteries extending the normal capacity of the Savebox Home units by up to 23.4kW.It’s a long-life battery system with the capacity up to 162kWh and possible PV array connection up to 91.2kWp. The unique BMS system (Battery Management System) provides bi-directional energy balancing of each battery.

Savebox Industry

Savebox Industry is an independent source of electric power and a perfect solution for factories, industrial production, isolated communities,as well as hospitals, hotels and other locations. It is a device used for storing electric power, and at the same time serves as a mobile accumulator. It can be charged up and then used to power electrical appliances in the same way as from the mains supply. The device has inputs for charging directly from the mains or from an electric generator. Everyday appliance can be connected to the output.