Energy audits & monitoring

Energy audits & monitoring

WPM GE provides a comprehensive set of energy management solutions that facilitate monitoring, analysis, alerts, reporting and data visualization of energy information. Based on data gathered, WPM GE processes the information, facilitates the analysis and demonstrates to the client how much energy their current system consumes and then assists in developing strategies to control energy costs.

WPM GE has established a partnership with Microdata - a Nagpur based company with presence across India, Dubai, UAE and the Middle East. As a technology solutions provider to a vast segment of industries, its team consists of highly experienced professionals, accredited Energy Auditors and Consultants with more than 35 years of experience.

Technical expertise in the field of Energy Audit, Monitoring, Management, Controls, Automation and Reporting has made us a leading technology solutions provider. Our customized solutions, insights and technology upgrades in the field of energy management have resulted in increased efficiency with substantial gains on ROI over short and long term for our customers.

Through our Energy Monitoring System, we monitor energy usage in different parts of an industry on real time basis by remotely collecting data from your system. Various electrical parameters are monitored and analysed over a period of time to suggest interventions in the setup.


To increase the energy efficiency of their plant, production or commercial premises
To identify the equipment / process that is causing the highest energy consumption
To suggest alternative ways of achieving the business goals with less amount of energy used. Each suggestion will be accompanied with a calculation of Return on investment (ROI)
To device a long-term plan for:
       o Machine maintenance / replacement and efficiency monitoring
       o Changes in the system with capacity increase and its effects
       o Comparing the equipment performance with respect to international benchmarks

The two companies have combined their expertise, human resources and strengths in order to deliver unique solutions, engineered to suit each client’s specific requirement. A cross section of industry has gained immensely from our expertise, making us a leading player in this highly technical domain.

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