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ABOUT WPM Green Energy

WPM Green Energy is a sustainability services and solutions provider, addressing some of the critical aspects of sustainability – energy, waste and water. The company offers a complete set of turnkey innovative technological solutions, aiming to assist households and businesses in adopting green practices, achieve efficiency and cut costs. WPM Green Energy provides clients with complete solutions from concept to commissioning and delivers high performing and reliable turnkey projects in the areas of renewable energy, waste management, water treatment and automation, controls and HVAC.

Our Mission

To become one of the most ingenious sustainability services and solutions provider, offering in-depth knowledge, high-level expertise and innovative “green” technology know-how.

Our Vision

We are committed to demonstrating environmental leadership, to raise awareness, bring about transformation, educate, inspire, empower and build alliances with communities, politicians and businesses to protect our planet and pass on a sustainable way of life to future generations.

What we offer

We offer EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Contracting), end-to-end technical and funding support that enables clients to take energy efficiency, waste, water treatment and HVAC projects from the earliest phase of development through construction and into operations and management. Our ‘pay-as-you-save’ business model, which requires no upfront investment, makes energy efficiency projects easily accessible to more market participants and allows them to reduce energy costs and cut carbon emissions by generating, storing, using and actively managing energy more efficiently. We deliver high performing and reliable turnkey projects, which drive sustainability performance and profit in the following areas:
• Energy Solutions: Solar, LED lights, Battery Storage, Energy Audits & Monitoring.
• Waste Energy Solutions: Food Waste, General Waste, Medical Waste
• Automation, controls and HVAC.
• Water Treatment: Seawater Desalination, Metallurgical Wastewater, Oil Spills


We strategically source our partners and suppliers, and work with manufacturers who share our values, interest in sustainability and who achieve and maintain the highest standards in order to ensure premium performance of the whole range of products we offer. With offices in UAE, UK, Ireland, India, South Africa, Nigeria, Georgia, Bulgaria, Turkey, WPM Green Energy’s global network spans over 3 continents.

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