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WPM Green Energy has partnered with the Irish eLight, with Lyte Master and other world’s leading LED companies to bring to our clients the best solutions experts in the supply, installation and management of energy efficient LED lighting solutions.

» We are experts in energy efficiency and only work with the most renowned manufacturers and suppliers of high-quality LED lighting solutions.
» We deliver zero cost energy efficiency solutions by investing. Using our dedicated energy efficiency fund, we finance 100% of the capital cost associated with the design, supply, installation, operation and maintenance of energy efficient Lighting projects, interest free over a 3-year term with the energy savings achieved completely funding the project.
» We have:
• 607 energy efficient lighting upgrades completed
• +275,300 LED products installed in properties
• 23 million KgCo2 in reduced energy use for clients
• 10 million eLight clients are estimated to save over €10m on their energy bills in 2018

Although energy efficiency makes strong business sense, opportunities to cut energy demand by 40-60% are often not taken due to the up-front capital cost and know-how required. Market demand for energy efficiency solutions is growing rapidly due to high and rising energy prices and regulations, but investment in energy efficiency is far less established than renewable energy and often requires customized solutions.

We focus on opportunities to deliver replicable and scalable complete solutions for energy efficient lighting projects. By establishing our dedicated energy efficiency fund, we are able to take a longer-term view and address project opportunities with 3 year contract periods that might not otherwise be implemented. Our specialist approach provides for a professional and streamlined approach to contracting, financing, installation and risk management over the 3-year term ensuring a full maintenance free solution for all projects, delivering energy savings that directly benefit the client.

The key benefits of energy efficient lighting include:
• Enduring Operating Cost Savings – electricity and gas prices have been increasing. Energy cost reduction represents a compelling and immediately addressable opportunity to reduce operating costs.
• Asset Upgrade and Value Uplift – commercial lighting energy efficiency projects will result in reduced maintenance and breakdown costs and improvements in operating standards and asset values.
• Carbon Emissions Reductions – compliance with building regulations, reduced costs under the CRC and CCL programs and contribution to sustainability and corporate social responsibility agenda.
• Highest Performance Standards – we only work with best-in-class energy services providers, with equipment and technology that is commercially proven and with warranties and guarantees as to performance from contractors and suppliers.
• Savings Cover Investment Cost – with WPM GREEN ENERGY Commercial projects, expected financial savings are greater than the costs and the returns can be based on actual measured and verified savings achieved by independent verification.

The WPM Green Energy Commercial team brings together the private equity, infrastructure, commercial, financial, legal and technical expertise essential to investing in and delivering energy efficiency lighting projects. We can provide all the expertise needed to deliver the project from installation and maintenance to finance and certification. We aim to achieve the optimal financial structure and solution for the project, ensuring that risks are identified and mitigated and solving for accounting and tax issues. We structure appropriate contractual arrangements to define the project and the installation, operation and maintenance, project management, measurement and verification.

WPM Green Energy takes a finance led, value for money approach. As our investment returns depend on the outcome of the project, our interests are aligned with each client. We seek to invest in projects designed to deliver energy savings at the lowest level of cost and to achieve the highest level of performance throughout the contract life.

We handle everything from start to finish with no interruption to your business. You get instant profit and an improved lighting upgrade in 4 simple steps:
1. Audit: A detailed audit to assess your existing lighting.
2. Proposal: We then propose a tailored solution that is right for your business.
3. Installation: We engage our approved electrical contractor to manage your installation.
4. Maintenance: Your lighting is maintained at its optimal level over the contract term.

Each proposal is prepared using specified energy efficient LED fittings to demonstrate the savings that could be achieved with WPM Green Energy Commercial while using the existing opening hours, the existing energy cost and the existing fittings energy use.
We offer an end to end service from the survey of each outlet to the installation and certification at each premises by the professional installation team. All installations carry a minimum full 3-year replacement warranty.

WPM Green Energy enters into a project agreement with the owner or long term occupier of a property to finance and deliver a specified energy efficiency lighting upgrade. Under the project agreement, the WPM Green Energy Green Commercial fund can finance 100% of the capital cost associated with the design, installation, operation and maintenance of the project. WPM GREEN ENERGY along with our strategic partners deliver the works, including warranties and guarantees as to performance, based on existing use and replacement lighting.
Under the project agreement – or Energy Services Agreement – the complete project can be ‘paid from savings’ within the term. At the end of the contract term, the installed lighting and equipment and all the energy savings they generate are retained by the client.

We offer a wide variety of LED products:

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